Friday, 3 August 2012

My Least Favourite Waste of Time

Sandwiched between crisp, white cotton sheets, in those moments before going to sleep, is my favourite time. I can finally stretch out and relax, exorcising the day.

My least favourite time of day is a three or four hours later. No longer am I relaxed, but I am still tired. Insomnia is a bugger of a thing. And the longer I’m awake, the more tired but less like sleeping I feel. Round and round my mind goes – ‘must go to sleep now, only (look at clock) X hours until I have to get up’. The lower the value of X, the greater the tension. It’s a nightmarish countdown, but with no chance of having a nightmare.

I used to find, after an hour or so of sleeplessness, some cheese on toast would knock me out as reliably as any (over)dose of vodka. Then I came over all vegan. From the point of view of getting some sleep, it was not my wisest move.

Anyone want to join me in a potato-based fermented beverage?

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