Saturday, 13 October 2012

Let's All Think About Windscreen Wipers

I love my phone for one reason. When it comes out of hibernation, and demonstrates to me that it’s raining by showering the screen with CGI raindrops (complete with rain-on-a-tin-roof sound effect), it then produces the image of a windscreen wiper, and swiftly cleans those raindrops away.

This never fails to amaze and enthral me. If it ever stops being a source of wonderment, there really will be no reason to carry on.

I’ve been thinking a lot about windscreen wipers this week, entirely due to the assertion in Autoglass’s current ad campaign that I don’t think about them much.

I didn’t know a lot about them to start with and little has changed there. I did start reading the Wikipedia page but it couldn’t hold my attention. If a wiper had dropped down from the top of the screen that would have been a different matter. I’d still be watching it now.

What I did find was a lovely little animation about their invention at Not only does it have the mellow charm of old school children’s TV, but I’m pretty sure Gladstone Adams farts at around 56 seconds.

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  1. He totally did! He was in a bit of a rage to be fair.